Welcome to Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2012

On November 14th, we celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship with a spectacular award. We anticipate up to 5000 participants from all walks of the Danish education system and the  Danish Entrepreneurship Award hosts the largest Idea Competition in Denmark.

The Award will be open for everyone and you can register for FREE.

Focus on innovation & creativity

Danish Entrepreneurship Award hosts the largest Idea Competition in Denmark. To learn more about the competetion read the rules and guidelines below:

Primary and Lower Secondary Education
Upper Secondary Education
Higher Education


You can register either with a team for the competition or just register as a guest.

To register online you'll have to follow 6 easy steps:

1.Choose what you are: Student, teacher, from business, exhibtioner, or other.
2.If you choose student, then choose educational level. If you choose one of the other categories, fill in your personal information and register.
3. For students: Choose whether to participate in the competition or not.
4.Invitite members to the team: add their names and e-mail addresses and they will recieve a mail asking them to add their personal information (use the link in the mail).

5.Confirm information.
Remember to use the "Bekræft oplysninger" icon (= "confirm information" in english) at the bottum of step five.

6.You will receive a mail with a link to your TEAMPROFILE. Enter your TEAMPROFILE and sign up for the events you want to participate in.

If you have any questions on how to sign up for the event or competition, please contact Sine Larsen on +45 23 28 16 75 or sine@ffe-ye.dk.

 Venture Cup

Venture Cup in cooperation with Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise is hosting a competition for those enrolled in a higher education.

Read more about the competition here

Activities in English

Several activities  are already planned and there are many more to follow. Below  you can see some of the program highlights:

 * The Creativity Zone where you can work with innovation in the form of Lego, scrap, and design.
 * Danfoss Universe dishes out technical challenges and playful elements.
 * Ryslinge InnovationsHøjskole presents Denmark's first 'Creative Fitness Center', that will make you brain sweat.
 * The makers of the E-tilbudsavisen.dk app, who were previous participants in the Idea Competition talk about the idea behind the popular app.
 * Chaos Pilots (KaosPiloterne), that have been declared as one of the world's ten best schools for innovation and entrepreneurship

Some presentations will be in English, and most creative activities will be able to do if you are English speaking. These are the English speaking presentations and activities during the event:

Farver Logo_Innovation_Embassy

Innovation Embassy

Innovation Embassy is a Co-creation and innovation company dedicated Social Entrepreneurship and web based Business Innovation.
Read more here

Farver James Findlay

The Play Foundation

James Findlay is the man behind the Play Foundation, an international think-tank which works with the hypothesis that play is intelligence.
Read more here

Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2011 

Last year over 3500 pupils and students from every level in the education system, business people, educators and managers participated and made the Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2011 a great success.

This year promises to deliver even more bang for your penny.

Did you miss out on last year's event?

If you missed it, do not fret. This year, we will return with even more activities to celebrate creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. You can watch a recap of last year's event in an English subbed video by clicking here.